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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Pregnant!

Well, I still can't believe it- as soon as we started trying for another baby, we got it! Holy cow! We thought it would take a while, so we figured we'd start trying, and the day after we settled on our house, on Friday, June 13th, I took a test b/c I had been feeling a little off. That was two days before Father's Day, so Dan got his present early. I had Nate give him a little box with the preggo test inside. I didn't have any cash to get him anything else, and that gift was way better, anyway! The timing was kind of crazy, though, since we had all this work to do on both houses, and I was so tired, and Dan doesn't let me do a lot to help when I'm preggers. Plus, the following week, we had our vacation, and I was actually looking forward to going out to dinner and having a nice cocktail or two. Instead, I felt so tired, and bloated and yucky for most of the trip. All for a good cause, but jeez!

It's very cool, too, b/c two of my friends are also pregnant with their second, and we are all due within a month and a half of each other. February 17th is my date. On the 29th, we go in for our last ultrasound, and we have decided we're going to find out the gender this time, we're just not going to tell anyone. I hope I don't slip up!

So, just like last time, my body hurts a lot, especially my back. Other than that, I feel pretty good, though. A bit of acid reflux, but I had that before. This past weekend, though, I woke up with some sort of bug, and became pretty dehydrated, so I had to go to the hospital to get and IV to replenish my fluids. It took over four hours! Yuck! My mother had come up to take care of Nate that morning, and didn't leave until about 8pm, after Dan had seen me get set up with the IV. He had to come back and get me at 11:30 that night, with a sleepy boy in the car. My mother said she could stay longer so Dan could stay with me in the hospital, but we thought that was silly. I was just watching that drip going, and wishing it would go faster- those beds are not so comfy after the first two minutes! It took them three tries to get my IV in, too, since my veins kept collapsing. That crap hurts! I just feel bad for the women who have to go through that on a regular basis b/c they have morning sickness so bad. I've been very lucky in that area. Now, I just can't wait until next Monday!

Nathan's Birthday

So, working backwards, that's the next thing that's happened that I have yet to write about. I was so stressed out the whole week, and so was Dan. But, it turned out pretty well. A few people couldn't make it, but we still had a nice amount of people. Lots of food and beer left over, though! It was strange, though- Dan's family all kept to themselves, except for a couple of his cousins who are a bit more friendly. My family seemed to be having a good time, and so were the kids. Our little cousins were all running around and using the playground that's right accross from our house, and they were all getting along, eventhough my cousins had never met Dan's cousins. Pretty cool.

Dan's brother, who we are not really on the best of terms with, didn't even say hello to either of us, nor did he even step foot into our house. When Dan finally asked him about it last week, his excuse was that he wasn't invited! How about that?! First, they got a written invitation in the mail, then, I went outside and announced to all that it was time for dinner, which was located inside, THEN, I said to EVERYONE that it was time for cake- also inside. He is obviously so disgusted by me that he didn't want to eat my food, or watch my son have his first birthday cake (he's spoken to Nate maybe one time, and that was b/c he crawled over to him once and touched his shoes.) F him, I say! I don't think he even wanted to seem interested in seeing the house, or getting a tour from Dan, and he just stood on the side of the house with his other brother and family. Pathetic. And when his family left, NOBODY said goodbye. They don't even teach their 3 1/2 year old to say hello, goodbye, thank you! I would get why he wouldn't say hi to me, but not even to Dan? They had supposedly been speaking a little bit, and the week before, we went to his daughter's first birthday party, and participated like everyone else. I'm telling you this right now, since this behavior is accepted in that family, the next time the "super Couple" has a birthday in their family, I will be in the other room while the birthday song is being sung, and if anyone gives me attitude, I will not hold back in telling them just what I think about the "Super Couple." If something is not about them, it doesn't matter in their eyes.

Anyway, my Dad was able to make the long drive down, and we had some other family that traveled a great distance, so that was nice. Nate seemed to have a good time, even with the cast. He received lots of nice gifts, and I still have to get those thank you notes out! I haven't been able to get back to the party store to get them- maybe today, since Dan is off work early. It's getting more and more tough to take Nate anywhere since I have a lot of back pain- more on that later.

It was hard being the hostess, I'll tell you that much! My Mom helped me out in the kitchen a lot, but it was frustrating not being able to relax more and talk to more people. When I was finally done with everything I had to do, I went outside to chill, and everyone started leaving! I guess that's how it usually is, but I don't like it! I don't think we will be doing a big party every year, but really, if it's just my parents and brother and Dan's parents and brothers, I don't think I'd want to go to that! We'll have to see.

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Been a While...

And my mother bugged me the other day, so I thought I'd better post something. A lot has been happening lately- we moved into our new house, Nathan turned one(!), and he also broke his leg! We were getting ready to have our open house one Sunday, and he decided to try and climb up the side of the crib. Well, he fell back and hit his leg just right on this stool I have next to the crib. It's not even usually there, but I had put it there to get it out of sight for the open house. And the only reason he was still in the bedroom with Dan was that I had asked Dan to change the sheet in his crib. So, that's what Dan was doing, and I was downstairs getting myself some breakfast.

After crying for a couple of minutes he seemed fine, but then after a while, Dan noticed he wasn't really putting any weight on his right leg. So, I told him to take him to the ER while I stayed behind to finish cleaning up. This wasn't fun for me, b/c my back has been really hurting me lately, and a lot of work still had to be done, and to be home and not know what was happening sucked! Dan couldn't really get word to me very often. I felt like a terrible mother not going with my boy to the ER for his first visit of probably many. (This boy is crazy!) So, anyway, they weren't sure if it was anything, but the next day we had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, and they told us it was probably broken. He was a champ in the office, getting the cast on and everything. We picked a blue one! As soon as it was on, he was fine- no big deal. He was walking on it right away.

He had his cast on for his birthday, and some people signed it at his party. He got it taken off last week, but still feels the need to walk on that leg as if it's still immobilized. He bends it ok when he's playing and crawling, but not so much when he's walking, and he's not really walking a whole lot, which bugs me. I will put pictures up of him in his cast when I get the chance, but my printer is not hooked up to my computer yet, and that's how I upload stuff, so I guess I'll have to do that. As for the party, I'll post again later, b/c I am ever so hungry!

To be continued...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Party

So, on the 20th of this month, Nathan turns one! Wow! As I mentioned before, we are having a party for him at the new house, which we aren't really living in yet, on the 23rd. Should I be worried that only two people have called to say they are coming? My brother and his girlfriend can't make it b/c they have a wedding to go to the same day, and my best friend goes away on vacaton that day, of course. So two people I really wanted there can't make it right off the bat. We know our parents will be there, my cousin w/family, and Dan's cousin w/family. This waiting for the phone to ring just sucks though! Dan is a bit paranoid that we'll have very few people show up. He says he doesn't want Nate to feel slighted, which makes me laugh- he'll have no clue! I am just nervous about how the house will look, since it's hard for me to get much unpacking done during the day with Nate with me, and my back hurting the way it does. We find it interesting that Dan's brother's daughter's birthday party is this Saturday, and when he called his brother to let him know we were coming to their party, he said nothing about ours, so we're wondering if they'll be coming. They may just be waiting til the very last minute, just to try and be ass pains. We should say the same thing to them that he said to Dan back in January, about our coming to his other daughter's party, "I'd understand if you don't come." He was just hoping we would bail, and in turn look bad in everyone's eyes. (FYI- Dan did go, without me or Nate, b/c I was very mad about the way we had recently been treated over the holidays, and no way were they going to see Nate and have the satisfaction of me not being there!) They are no doubt going to stir up some trouble like they always do when we have something happy and important coming up. I don't like them- AT ALL! (Really, isn't that obvious?!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation and Other Stuff

Hello! Things have been rather busy around here, so I haven't had much time to write about stuff. We were on vacation the end of June, which was fun, and way too short. We went to Sea Isle City for the second time, since Dan liked it last year. This year was a bit different, since there were three of us! Not much of a night life for us this year, and no long days on the beach. But, Nate did love the beach, and he had a ball playing in the sand, dumping buckets of water on himself and me. We had a tent for him to retreat to, which made it nice. He sang for the first time on the way back from his first time on the beach, which must mean he enjoyed it! He slept like a champ in his pack-n-play, which we thought would be an issue. We went to the Cape May Zoo one of the days, and he was digging it. He learned how to wave that week, and now does it whenever someone says "hi", "bye", and pretty much anything that rhymes with that! (Pictures will be on his site.)

The week before vacation, we closed on our house. It went off without a problem, and we even chatted with the sellers for a few minutes afterwards. They left us a big container of spaghetti sauce and meatballs in the fridge, along with a box of sghettis! It was so nice! We still haven't moved into the house, since we are just trying to get some painting and organizing done before we do it. But, I think we should be in there sometime next week. We picked up a pool table for FREE which is awesome! Someone in our neighborhood was getting rid of it, and it came with the balls, a cue, and a bridge. So cool. Now, all wee need in the basement is a beermeister and we're set!

We've been away again since vacation, just on an overnight trip. My aunt and uncle had a family picnic, and they live a few hours away, and my dad lives up there as well. It was nice getting the gang all together at once. I found out that my cousin is going to be a Daddy, so that's awesome. There were some fireworks, which is always nice. Especially since I hadn't seen any this year since the boy is always in bed by 8:30.

Now I have to start getting ready for Nate's birthday party. EEK! I've never really thrown a party for real before, just a low-key "hang" on my deck years ago when I lived on my own. That consisted of burgers, beers, and just a few knuckleheads acting crazy. I have always wanted to host my own, though, and have taken plenty of mental notes on what to do and what not to do. I just hope I don't get to hyper and want everything to be perfect, b/c it probably won't be. I am pretty clueless about how much food to have, and I'll probably end up with way too many leftovers. I know I am inviting way too many people, especially for a first birthday, but I can't invite Dan's whole family and not invite mine. B/c we CAN'T just invite our parents and siblings, since that would be like water torture. You'd hear crickets in the background, and it would be daytime! And, while Dan has three cousins, I have fifteen, some of which won't be invited, but still, more on my side that have to be invited. So, this should be fun!

That's about it for now. I must go chill with Dan for a little bit before hittin' the hay. Oh! One more thing that's happened recently- Nate took his first steps on July 14th! I'll post a video when I get a chance. Yay, Nate!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Love a Good Garage Sale!

This past Saturday, after planning for three weeks to get out and go garage saling, I finally got out! Different things had stopped me from being able to go in recent weeks, and this week, the heat almost stopped me, but I stuck it out for three hours or so, with a lunch break somewhere in the middle. I was able to find a couple of toys for Nathan, a sleep sack, Curious George picture frame, a pack 'n play that is in really good shape, an air purifier, a cat carrier for my little Ginger, and a few other little odds and ends. The best part, though, is the FOOSBALL TABLE! I was so excited! Ten bucks! And it works! Yippee! Now, we'll have something to do in the basement of the new house before we get a pool table, which may take a while.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time is Flying By!

Ok, so we only have a little under three weeks before we make settlement on the new house. Holy mackerel! I have been cleaning our house and packing non-stop for the past couple weeks, and I am beat! It stinks, b/c I'd like to be spending more time with Nathan outside on long walks, and going to the many parks we have in the area. But, then I'm not getting any work done. Today, my handy brother is coming up to fix a few things we need fixing so this place looks a bit more finished. Then, on Monday and Tuesday, he'll be laying a ceramic tile entry down at the front door. We have berber carpet on the first floor, and it's badly stained at the entrance b/c of the dog that lived here before us. It's also coming up a bit at the seam where I'd want it to come up anyway, so that is another reason we want it done.

A couple of weeks ago was Mother's Day, my first, and we just hung out at home, which was nice. I had asked Dan if it would bother him if we didn't travel the usual hour and fifteen minutes to see his family for brunch, as we have done for the past few years. I explained that I thought this year I should be able to do what I want to do, since it was my first Mother's Day. I also don't usually enjoy myself with his family, since very few of them speak to either of us. So, I figured- why be unhappy? That wouldn't be fair, now would it? Instead, we got some things done around the house, and then we walked around a huge garden center that I like nearby. I hadn't been there in years. I remembered that they usually have a parrot or two, and I love birds. I showed Nathan the parrot who was saying "Hello" as we walked up to it, and right as we were nearing it, he let out this really loud squawk and frightened the boy a little bit. There were also a couple of doves cooing, and a water feature there, and he got a kick out of it all. The nursery is way too expensive for us, though, so I walked away empty-handed, which is strange for me to do at such a place.

So, anyway, what does everyone think of the new house? I have only gotten a little feedback, and I know more people have checked it out. Can I get a comment from someone other than my faithful commenter? Pretty please?

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And More Pictures...

The master bedroom: The second bedroom. We'll be using this one as an office until Nathan outgrows his bedroom. This is just great for a big boy's room. Berber carpet, and a cool paint job. Oh, and this room has two closets! One of them is extra huge and has an access panel to the attic.:
This will be his room for a while. We may have to paint over their hard work, though. It's a bit much for me, and it doesn't go with any of Nathan's stuff.:
Just a better shot of the basement. Shows the depth better.:
That's about it. Can't wait to get in there and start unpacking!

More Pictures

Here's the front of the house. These pictures are all from the site online. Notice the widened driveway, and the purple clematis (my favorite kind!) going up the lightpost. To the left of the house is a lot of open space. That will be great for picnics! Anyone up for some bocce ball?:

This is the shot of the livingroom. It is a little smaller that our current LR, but we sould be able to fit our furniture.:

The powder room. This yellow is not as gross in person! And there's this really cute American flag border at the top of the room:

Our full bath. I love the countertop and faucet!: